White Collar Crimes

Representative Cases

  • Medical Billing Director at Health Care Office charged with fraudulent Medicare billings

  • Company Owner charged with “Bust-Out” Scheme for failing to Pay More Than 50 Vendors

  • Health Care/Insurance Fraud Involving Unnecessary Medical Procedures, Staged Automobile Accidents

  • Mortgage Fraud Involving Falsification of HUD 1 and Bank Statements by Real Estate Agent and Others

  • Bank Embezzlement with Theft of $60,000 Currency from Bank ATM Machines by Bank Manager

  • Illegal Billing Practices, Mail and Wire Fraud Involving Doctors, Lawyers, “Cappers” and Others

  • Fraudulent Loan Modification Scheme

  • Loan Fraud Involving Falsification of Payroll Documents and Bank Statements

  • Receipt of Target Letter by Mid-Level Employee where Government Promised Leniency in Return for Cooperation Against Higher-Level Corporate Executives

  • Bank and Wire Fraud by Individuals Associated with Hong-Kong based Bank

  • Aggravated White Collar Crime Enhancement

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 Blue Collar Crimes

Representative Cases

  • Murder Charge Involving the Red Power Ranger

  • Death Penalty Murder Case (Prosecutor agreed Not to Seek Death Penalty)

  • Property Theft, Commercial and Residential Burglary, Grand Theft, Aggravated White-Collar Crime Enhancement, 1275.1 Bail Hearings

  • Domestic Violence

  • Gangs Related Crimes

  • Robbery

  • Carjacking

  • Kidnapping

  • Sexual Assault, Pornography and other Major Crimes

  • Transportation, Possession With Intent to Distribute, and Possession of Drugs

  • DUI

  • Juvenile Cases

  • Appeals in State and Federal Courts


Government Enforcement 

Representative Cases

  • Former City Government Official Targeted by SEC for Accounting Fraud in a Public Offering involving millions of dollars

  • Illegal Export of Thermal Imaging Technology to Chinese Company

  • Export of Luxury Vehicles to Asian Company in Violation of Export Control Laws

  • Money Laundering Involving a Variety of Offenses

  • Illegal Transportation of Hazardous Materials by Oil Company

  • Theft of Night-Vision Battlefield Technology by Former Employee to New Employer

  • Perjury by Owner of Company During Trial

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