Fraud involves deceiving entities into loaning money, signing agreements,
or doing some act based on false statements.
Actual loss of money is not required for conviction.

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Violent Crimes 

Individuals often commit crimes without an intent to hurt someone; however, something unexpected may occur, resulting in injury, perhaps even death. A violent crime doesn’t always have to be planned; instead it can be the result of unintended consequences that take place during an offense.


 Criminal Appeals & Writs

Sometimes during a trial or upon hearing a motion, a judge and prosecutor may make a mistake concerning the law. Appeals, if successful, can result in a guilty verdict or a negative ruling on a motion being reversed, offering the individual better results.

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Financial Crimes 

Financial Crimes involve the theft of monies from government agencies and possibly private entities. Under recent changes to white collar crime sentencing guidelines, the penalties for financial crimes can often be severe, involving many years in prison and hefty fines.


Property Crimes 

Property Crimes pertain to the theft or destruction of another’s property and can include larceny, petty theft, grand theft, burglary, auto theft, vandalism, extortion, and other related offenses. Victims can include individuals, companies, and government agencies.

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